The Instant Entrepreneur

The Instant Entrepreneur: 10 Surefire Strategies to Guarantee your Startup’s Success (Hardcover)


Product Description

Always wanted to be an entrepreneur but never had the guts to do it? Had thoughts of starting your own business for the longest time but did not because you do not know where to start? Look no further, The Instant Entrepreneur is the perfect solution to this problem.

With simple, proven strategies that are guaranteed to work for you all the time in any venture, this is a perfect book for aspiring entrepreneurs or individuals who have plans to start their own business. This book is not meant to be read in just one sitting but to be used as a practical guidebook to manoeuvre through your entire entrepreneurial journey.

Be astounded by the instant results you will get just by applying several of the strategies taught in this book. Your business and personal life will never be the same again!

About the Author:
Noted as one of the youngest local authors of his time to tackle the topic of entrepreneurship, Ranford is a passionate, driven and self-motivated entrepreneur who is on a quest to achieve his dream of financial abundance and philanthropy.

He is also the founder and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) of Entrepreneurship Hub Pte Ltd, a company which helps aspiring entrepreneurs and new start-ups have a head start in launching their business or venture through unique sales and marketing techniques. His goal is to empower every individual with the effective skills, knowledge and tools that will ensure success in every entrepreneurial endeavour.